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Camaro 2010 pix at Paris AutoShow 2008

Hi everyone,
my name is francois as you noticed I'm french and of course a true lover of american muscle cars and in particular...the Camaro.
It's been since the new mustang 2005 that at last legendary american muscle cars began to reborn from their hashes.
As Chevrolet announced the concept in 2006, I wrote to the french marketing direction to have details about the car. I got an invitation to the Paris autoshow to see the Camaro in it
Someone at chevy france told me that the Camaro would be sold in france early 2010 - ok I'm not going to debate about this possibility because we know how hard it is to import US cars on our soil due to our damn security/pollution standards. Anyway I'm sure that if the Cam comes it'll be a hit.

As I told you I got IN the car, and's beautiful ; this is truely a revival I forgot how much I love USA for these kind of wonderful toys. This is a MUST have car with a true soul that beats everything I know (I don't like european sport cars very much - except Maserati)

Well here are some pix I took, I know this is not very original but well you're in love or you're not...
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