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Originally Posted by mikey8 View Post
This will keep you busy til' he relpies....
Oh my.... that thread will go down in the great halls of Camaro5 folk lore!

Originally Posted by AdnanHfuda View Post
i dont get it, what happened? isnt rubbing compound supposed to be useful for the paint?

@ junkman whats the difference between adams and zaino?
That would be like asking if sandpaper is usful for all paint. Well yea, as long as you use the right grit! And yes, that thread will more than answer your question!

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Got pissed and tossed it. Don't remember the brand but it said 1500 Cut Compound.

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I washed and dried the car and basically applied it by wiping it in and then polished in a circular type motion until it was kinda greasy and woped it off.

Microfiber applicator and wiped with microfiber cloth.

It all looked real good, I mean REAL good till I got it out in the sun.
That was the WRONG grit to use! The scary thing is what it will take to clean up the damage. I normally will not use the PC for anything lower than 2500 grit. After that, I have to break out my Flex orbital. At 1500 and below, I go to my Makita rotary! Now that compound may not have cut as true as 1500 grit paper because you used it wrong but still, you've done some significant damage. You need to find a reputable detailer who will be able to buff the finish back out without wiping all the clear coat off your car. As it is, the clear is pretty thin on these Camaros. Whatever you do, do NOT take it to a dealership! Some 19 year old hack will definitely wipe the paint job out at that place. You need a professional to fix this. Don't mess with it any more!

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Well, it's not gonna be too hard to fix I would imagine. Like I said, theres an overcast right now and it looks freaking amazing. It just looks so bad when the sun hits it just right.
You'd be wrong about how easy it is going to be to fix...

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I'm an idiot. I'm kinda torn, I know I plan on using the Adams stuff and Junkmans methods, but if I can, I'd like to at least cut these hazy swirls out this week.
Don't be so hard on yourself. You're correct, but quit being so hard on yourself.

You are not going to be able to fix that yourself. That is going to require a more aggressive measure than what you've seen in my videos. Let a professional fix it.

Originally Posted by ljustin293 View Post
I think he just means literally hang it up...if used right it won't do damage
You are correct sir!
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