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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
I'm going to laugh if they actually put a Camaro that looks like that on the floor at SEMA. Seriously, think about it after spending a few seconds looking at the rendering...that's a V6! No mailslot, LS/LT front facia, what appear to be non-brembo brakes.

I'm not knocking the V6 at all...I'll be buying one but c'mon GM, put out an honest to goodness loaded and decked out SS for all to see at SEMA. If they use a V6, they are not helping the ricer image of the body kit/big wheel combo.
uuhhhh, i think they plan on having a few there. lets not get all worked up because they have show us 1 of their show cars. either way it looks bad ass and not ricey at all. have you ever see nany of the thousand body kits for mustangs , which are HUGE hits for the mustangs? the wheels are only 1" bigger than the stock wheels, whats the deal with raggin on them? actually it has the brembos on it if you look at the picture. the v6 has 1 piston up from. this has the 4 piston setup.

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