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what is said"
Everything else looks great but two scoops look ricer in my opinion along with other peoples. Ask someone to photo chop the mail slot out and guarantee most everyone will think it's better. BTW pluming the air cooling down to the brakes will add weight. Unless your in actual track racing (many laps) i would not do it."

Originally Posted by racer778 View Post
Oh my!! there we go with the stupid "ricer " comments again. If you have an ss you have a ricer, fake gills and non-functional mail slot. Car looks great by the way I would consider covering the Mail slot.

Thats the same thing I said, please actually read my comments . Guess you missed the whole car looks great part. BTW whats up with all the over sensitive new people (especially when it has to do with riceness) on here the guy asked for an opinion. I'm tired of people on the sidelines taking offense to other people opinion. If you want people just to give you an amen go to church, if you want unbiased opinions ask and ye shall receive.

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