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Being the Camaro Love Sharin' guy I am, I JUST saw this car first hand (thanks guys for the invite over)....

The car is very EYE CATCHING! Even in a little town such as the one I live in (and where this car is right now), people drove by and licked up this eye candy of a car!

If I said the car was tastefully done - I'd be lying - this car is BEYOND tastefully, it is INCREDIBLY DONE. It is equal or better than factory quality! I think the fabrication was 150% PERFECT - it doesn't look like a overnight body kit. The hide-a-way headlights were flawless! You may love or hate it, but you can't hate the workmanship of the design, it was one of the most impressive customs I've ever seen with my own eyes!

Those going to C5F should be on the lookout - if you get a chance to see this car, it is WELL WORTH THE LOOK!
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