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Originally Posted by wjones14 View Post
They need to sell 80,000 cars and hope to sell 100,000+ according to Chevy's statements then? This sounds pretty optimistic considering the last year of production they sold 42,000.

If I remember correctly, the GTO didn't even sell that many cars combined for the 2004-06 models! And that was a great car, albeit very homely...
Due to it's price the GTO is only comparable to the Camaro SS. In that regard the Camaro is better or at least as good in most categories such as price/performance/style. I say this liking the GTO, if money is tight when I'm ready to buy a used 06 GTO will be on my shortlist. My point is the SS is planned as only ~20% of the long term Camaro production though which means a goal of 15-20k SS models that going by GTO sales is very realistic IMO. GM is counting on the V6 to bring in the sales though. It's not the most fun or the most practical car but it's a rare mix of both at a price that is in reach of a large number of people. If the auto industry continues to slump overall that will effect all models but this would only delay the Camaro's profitability, which would not kill the car but simply lead to a longer time until it gets refreshed or in the worst case cancelled.
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