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Originally Posted by Skyman 08 View Post
1. I agree and people don;t remember after a few years the springs get weak and those emblems start to sag and droop...

2. I have always been one that thinks the Heritage grill should have been part of the RS package...

3. the 3rd brake light Hmm I wonder if they could have designed a new Onstar Antenna with that built in, kill 2 birds with one antenna..LOL

4. are you talking about the radio or the Onstar/Xm antenna? if the sharkfin was just painted body color it would look better...
The Corvette has a radio antenna in the rear glass and On-star, but no shark fin mini-disc antenna anywhere. I was told or lead to believe they put the on-star antenna in the side mirrors. I don't see an on-star antenna anywhere on a Corvette. Do you? Just curious. It's missing just like Jimmy Hoffa.
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