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2LT IOM, IO interior, black stripes, documenting my changes

Thanks for checking in and seeing my changes.

Little background.

I placed my order for my Camaro on Feb. 17. 2010. 2LT with IOM paint, IO interior, black stripes, automatic.

This will be my daily driver except for winter months. MSRP was $30205.00 and my GM supplier cost was $29360.00. GM employee price was cheaper last year before the new employee reduced pricing took affect this Jan. 2010

I have been reading this forum for over 8 months, gaining as much information about the Camaro as I can to date. After checking one of the other threads (for model builds) I have found that my Camaro will be the only one in Michigan (for the entire 2010 build) with this option package (no RS or sunroof packages for me.)

I knew I wanted a 5th gen. Camaro when I first started helping to manufacture the Body Side Outer (rear qtr. panel) a few years ago. I work for GM on the manufacturing side of the business. Much of what my team and I did, helped to get this great looking panel to the market.

I took delivery on April 7th.

A BIG THANK – YOU to all those who have posted so much great information for me to read and use to make my decisions for my Camaro.


Injen CAI
Injen CAI Hydro Shield
OBX Headers
Magnaflow Resonated X Pipe
MRT V2 Axle Back
Vmax Ported Throttle Body
RX Oil Catch Can & Oil Separator
Trifecta Trans. Tune
Trifecta Engine Tune
Royal Purple Rear Diff. Fluid
Vmax Black-Ice-olator Manifold Insulator
Ported Intake Manifold (RX)
RX Plenum Spacer
R1 Rotors Premium slotted and cross drilled
Hawks Ceramic pads (yellow)
Motul RBF 600 DOT 4 Brake Fluid
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Vitesse Throttle Controller


Eibach Lowering Springs
Eibach Sway Bars
Pedders EP1200 Cradle Sub frame Inserts
Pedders EP2112 Steering Rack Bushing
Pedders EP6578 Front Radius Rod Bush Inserts
BMR Trailing Arms
BMR Toe Rods
BMR Trailing arm bushing BK006


Blue LED Footwell
Blue LED Dome Light
Blue LED Backseat strips
Blue LED Trunk Light strips
Blue LED Trunk Light
Blue LED Under Hood Spot Lights (AAC)
LED License Plate Lights
Oracle H13 HOD Bulbs
5202 LED Fog Lights
Blue LED above Sill Plate Lights
Blue LED lighting behind front grill
Blue LED cup holder lights
Technostalgia Afterburner Tail lights
Blue LED glove box
Blue LED center console
Blue LED rear floor area


Custom Floor Mats
Aluminum Billet Sill Plates
Aluminum Billet Race Pedals
Removed Center Speaker
Removed Warning Labels on Visors
35 % Window Tint
UltraGauage Mounted on Dash
IPOD Inferno Orange
Camaro Seat Belt Covers
Road Eye Black Box Camera
Beltronics GX2 Accelerometer
Camaro emblem on the dash
Hot Rod 2011 Power Tour Back Glass Decal
TEAM LLT Headrests
Cargo Trunk Mat
Carbon Fiber vinyl ignition spot
Sub Thump AMP Board and wires
Crunch 1800 Watt Amp
Heel Guard Protector
Aluminum Billet Cup Holder
Defenderwerx shifter
Weather Tech Black Floor Mat


Stillen Front Spoiler
Rear Spoiler
Black Vinyl on Front Bow Tie
Black Vinyl on Rear Bow Tie
Black Vinyl on Wheel Bow Tie
Black Painted Rear Tail Lamp Bezels
Side Marker Tint
Reverse Lamp Tint
Front Turn Signal Lamp Tint
Black Vinyl Gill Stripes
G2 Painted Calipers
Ghost "350HP" Hood Decals
Custom Painted Rear Trunk Close out Panels
Black Camaro License Plate Holder
Hot Rod 2011 Power Tour Windshield Decal
License Plate "TEAMLLT"
Detroit Gen 5 Club Decals
TEAM LLT Emblems
IOM Painted XM Antenna
Black Billet Upper Grill
Black Billet Lower Grill
LED Side Marker Lamps
TSW Nurburgring 20 X 9 Wheels
Nitto Motivo 275/40/20 tires
IOM fuel door
ZL1 Rocker
RPI Splash Guards front and rear
Anvil Spoiler
RK Sport Valence

Under Hood Cosmetics

Custom Painted Injen Tube
Custom Painted Injen Wiper Bottle
Aluminum Billet Bow Tie on Matt
Camaro Decal On Bow Tie
Roto-Fab Radiator Cover
Aluminum Billet Coolant Cap
Aluminum Billet Wiper Bottle Cap
Aluminum Billet Oil Dip Stick Cap
Aluminum Billet Brake Reservoir Cap
Aluminum Painted Brake Reservoir Cover
Aluminum Painted ABS Controller Cover
Aluminum Painted Shock Tower Covers
Aluminum Painted Battery Post Cover.
Black Wire Loom
Aluminum Painted Wire Harness Cover
Painted Fuse Box Cover
Painted Ported Intake Manifold IOM
Painted Ported Throttle Body IOM

4-7-2010 I completed my install of my gill stripes.

4-8-2010 I completed my install of my rear spoiler.

4-15-2010 I completed the install of my aluminum billet sill plates.

4-15-2010 I completed the install of my blacked out bow ties.

4-15-2010 I completed the install of my foot well lights.

4-17-2010 I completed my install of my MRT 2.0 exhaust system.

4-17-2010 I completed my first of many oil changes.

4-22-2010 I completed the install of my Llyod floor mats.

4-22-2010 I completed my install of my Injen system.

5-1-2010 I completed my engine cover painting project.

5-1-2010 I had my windows tinted with 35 %.

5-1-2010 I painted my trunk close out panels.

6-13-2010 I removed the front center speaker.

7-8-2010 I painted my calipers with G2 brake paint.

9-30-2010 I completed my install of black vinyl bow ties to the center of the wheel caps.

10-1-2010 I completed the install of my aluminum billet racing pedals.

10-25-2010 I completed my install of tint on my side lamp tints.

10-25-2010 I completed my install of tint on my reverse light tint.

10-25-2010 I completed my install of tint on my front turn lamp tint.

10-25-2010 I had my Eibach lowering springs installed by Rodgers Chevrolet.

11-6-2010 First time going down the 1/4 mile in a car.

11-20-2010 Second time going down the 1/4 mile track.

11-20-2010 Posted a sound clip of the MRT 2.0V exhaust while heading to the track.

11-23-2010 Car cover arrived.

12-4-2010 Installed Eibach sway bars front and rear.

12-25-2010 I won the RX Catch Can from SC 2150.

1/12/2011 Recieved my Stillen front splitter.

2/21/20011 INJEN CAI painting project.

2/21/2011 Roto-Fab Radiator Cover added

2/21/2011 Under Hood Cosmetic changes added

3/21/2011 Trunk Lighting added

4/16/2011 Under Hood Lighting added

4/28/2011 Headliner LED Lighting

5/5/2011 Ultragauge

5/7/2011 Painted Tail Light Bezels

5/12/2011 Seatbelt Covers

5/12/2011 Visor Mounted Camera

5/14/2011 Trifecta Tune Cam Phase HP gain

6/9/2011 Hot Rod Power Tour

6/21/2011 TEAM LLT Lisencse Plate

6/24/2011 Beltronics GX2 Accelerometer

6/29/2011 Carbon Fiber Bowties

7/2/2011 Aluminum Billet Shock Tower Covers (painted black)

7/10/2011 License Plate Holder

7/20/2011 TEAM LLT Fender Emblems

8/8/2011 Cabin Air Filter

8/8/2011 CAMARO Emblem on Dash

9/7/2011 TEAM LLT Embroidery on Headrest # 1232 # 1252

9/11/2011 Ported Throttle Body

10/7/2011 OBX Headers (installed Jan. 15, 2012)

10/10/2011 Detroit Gen 5 club decals

11/7/2011 IOM Painted XM Antenna

12/27/2011 Cargo Trunk Mat

12/30/2011 Carbon Vinyl Ignition cover.

1/18/2012 Magnaflow Resonated X Pipe

2/21/2012 VMax Black Ice - Icolator

2/21/2012 Black Billet Upper Grill

2/21/2012 Black Billet Lower Grill

2/25/2012 Crunch Amp Install

5/20/2012 TSW Nurburgrung Wheels and Tires

6/27/2012 H13 HOD Headlight Bulbs

7/10/2012 5202 LED Fog Lights

7/10/2012 Painted Fuse Box Cover

7/10/2012 Aluminum Painted Wire Harness Cover

7/27/2012 Blue LED Sill Plate Lighting

8/9/2012 IOM G2 Caliper Paint

3/9/2013 Pedders EP1200 Subframe Inserts

3/9/2013 BMR Trailing Arms

3/9/2013 BMR Toe Rods

3/9/2013 Pedders EP6578 Front Radius Rod Bushing Inserts

3/9/2013 Pedders EP2112 Steering Rack Bushing

3/9/2013 Paintined and installed Ported Intake Manifold

3/9/2013 Painted Throttle Body

3/9/2013 Drilled larger PCV opening

3/23/2013 BMR BK006 Outer Trailing Arm Bushing

8/11/2013 Blue LED Front Grill Lights

8/16/2013 IOM Camaro fuel door

10/26/2013 ZL1 Rocker

11/15/2013 RPI Splash Guards

11/30/2013 RX Oil Separator

3/15/2014 Sequential Turn Signal Harness Kit

3/15/2014 Heel Guard Protector

3/18/2014 Anvil Spoiler

3/29/2014 R1 Rotors, Hawks Pads, Goodridge Stainless Steel Lines, Motul Fluid

3/31/2014 Rear Valance pieces

3/31/2014 New black vinyl over front and rear bowties

4/1/2014 Cup holder lights

4/1/2014 Aluminum billet cup holder plate

7/4/2014 Technostalgia Afterburner Tail lights

7/28/2014 Nitto Motivo 275/40/20 tires (60K miles warrenty)

9/5/2014 Replaced INJEN air filter

9/24/2014 Throttle Controller by Vitesse Motorsports

6/29/2015 Repainted the Calipers with G2 paint under the Warranty program

7/30/2015 Painted the underside of the quarter panels behind the valance pieces

8/1/2015 Defenderwerx shifter

10/9/2015 TRepainted the tail light bezals

10/27/2015 Vitesse Paddle Shifter

11/13/2015 Blue LED lighting in the glove box, and center arm rest

11/21/2015 Winter wheels and tires added

11/21/2015 WeatherTech Floor Mats

11/29/2015 Added new AC Delco 94 R battery

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