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All the above are good suggestions

I had a lady in my neighborhood call the cops on me, she was not the nicest lady either (a huge bit$h) and the cops new this. She exaggerated the story a bit, but bottom line was I turn the corner, usually in first and take it up to 3 or 4 grand before I shift. Completly legal, but a 480 horse stroker motor at 4 grand is nothing to bat an eye at. The cop new she was not nice and told me to amuse her, so I did, end of story.

My suggestion, if you know about what time he comes home, hang around outside, drink a Budweiser, and when he comes by, flag him down, just say, "hey, nice ride, but a few of the neighbors have asked me to talk to you." If he is a stand up Camaro guy he will understand!
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