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Originally Posted by OUTATIME View Post
I honestly think it's a legitimate comparison - for the Accord/Altima Coupe, not sedans (at all). If GM was able to tear me away from Honda to the extent that I'm visiting this site every hour for updates, a new color, a new angle, ANYTHING (and believe me, Honda fans don't go easily), how many more people like me are there? I have NEVER been a fan of the Mustang or Challenger <- retro-revival style wise/engine options - either too much or too little; GM knew they were making this car (Camaro V6) appeal to the import crowd in addition to the muscle fans. All the testing we've been seeing shows they're taking reliability very seriously.
I'll give you this: the Camaro will take sales away from a lot of other cars. It represents a car segment that is oriented towards both performance and car culture, both of which are appealing to people that want a cool car and a car that makes a nice conversation piece. We here at Camaro5, love the Camaro because it has a lot to do with Chevrolet tradition. Some people will like that it is bringing the glory back to the American market. The V6 Camaro will annihilate the Accord at the track. It will also bring the pain to cars from other manufacturers, but the really impressive additions are options or standard 2LT features, like Bluetooth or ambient lighting. The Accord costs more, offers less, and competes with inferior performance. This is how a lot of cars are in comparison to the Camaro.
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