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My answers are in Bold and Italics below each question... I answered the question which had the most relevance...

First does the AFM on the L99 have to be turned off?
No, it's not required to be turned off, but the noise will be very annoying if you don't.

What is a SAFE level of boost for the motor, tranny, and rear end?
6 - 8 PSI.

Will the supercharger be safe for a car with 30K to 60K miles on it?

Will the stock fuel system need to be modified for my goals?
No, but if you want optimum results, then it would be a worthwhile mod to invest in a BAP.

Can the tranny and the rear end handle it?

Can I keep the traction control system ??

Can i keep the stock GM tune??

Which kits are you all using ?
TVS2300 Magnuson Supercharger

What are your HP ratings?
508 RWHP

What do you run at the track?
11.5 @ 118...

Is the thing noisy ? I'd like a quiet one.
If it's installed and tuned properly with no other mods besides the supercharger, it will be relatively quiet.

Who have you purchased from? or would you purchase from?

Any regrets ???? Final tips or Suggestions?
No regrets.... research, research, and then do more research.
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