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Fastest Camaro time of the weekend was the Cincy Speed entry of Mike O'Briens car at a 34.2 which it ran several times carrying passengers. Car was equipped with PFADT coilovers ,sway bars,mounts and had 295 autocross tires on it. Also had a Cincy Speed spec'd camshaft and long tubes.

2nd fastest Camaro time was a 34.5 in the Complete Custom Wheel entry that was a SS/automatic RENTAL with a huge wheel and tire package...315's square and some really light one piece CCW's (18x11)

3rd fastest was your event sponsor Reese Cox of MTI driving their in-house 4th gen NASA AIX race car on radial slicks at a 35.2 last I saw. This car was probably significantly lighter than the two cars above.

Not sure what the event organizers SCCA CP Mustang went, but he should have handily "clocked" us all as that car is 1,000 lbs (!!!!) lighter and is purpose built for autocross. Anyone know what kind of times it was running at the end of the day ????

Erik from Torq did NICE job getting into the 36's on those pseudo street tires !!! Nice meeting you Erik at the PFADT tent.

I was amazed at how well these cars handled at nearly four thousand pounds I am used to things that are a thousand pouns less....

Fun watching everyone enjoy their cars on the autocross....anyone can drive a car straight down the dragstrip
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