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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
Scott and the GM Camaro Team.

I firmly believe that one of the biggest reasons this was such a success was that you all were willing to be here with us.

The buzz generated by you all being in attendance and bring some of the new stuff was a big part of the wow factor that draws people in.

For what it's worth to you all....

I don't have a Camaro if it isn't for you all....
I don't have a web community like if it isn't for the Camaro...
I don't have the Friends I've met here if it isn't for Tran and
I don't have an event like Camaro5 Fest if there's no
And I would have never gotten to shake your hand, and meet the team, and see first hand how much you are all a part of this car, if you hadn't brought the Camaro back.

As far as I'm concerned, it starts and ends with you all, the camaro faithful, at GM.

You will continue to have my faith. And all of you have now overwhelmingly earned my gratitude and respect.


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