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This is some serious shit... You think putting 2 heavy dudes in the back seats and having that mamoth on would make the Camaro pull a wheely? LOL

It would be nice if they could take into consideration the possibility of "upgrading" an SS with an LS9. 20K is no small sum, but a possible "discount" by taking back the installed engine for an X amount will probably be more than enough for some people. Actually... maybe most of the SS owners?

On a side note... If I remember correctly, once upon a time there were statements from big heads in GM that "the Corvette engine would never go in a Camaro". We may not get a Camaro with this pre-installed these days, but offering a complete package as an upgrade is for sure a step in the right direction. And since no one ever said that "we will NEVER build a Z28", but instead they said "if we do build one we will make sure the name will deliver what is supposed to deliver", having already the LS9 as an "option" (for any car) and giving it a year+ of Camaro sales... who knows...
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