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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Once again we have an 'armchair quarterback' that hasn't a clue as to what he's talking about.

He evidently thinks that those in a place of power are fools and that he has the answers -- if ONLY we'd listen to his wisdom. (....'wisdom' meaning misguided yearnings.....)

There are so many things wrong with what he proclaims that I don't have the time to respond other than to say " go learn something before you speak..."

As has been said many times before: '....You can't fix stupid........'
'Father - May I quote your quote in my sig', LOL!

Originally Posted by bcannan354 View Post
I don't give a damn what some jerkof? says about the CAMARO. Makes me want to get it even more.
These opinions aren't even worth the time to answer or even think about. You know what? I'd rather buy a Prius than read or listen to more of that rubish.
"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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