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Sad Motortrend would print such "rubbish."

Sad they believe the hatch is one of the most important features on ALL Camaro....when it's only on the 3rd and 4th gens. Shoot, I WANT A TRUNK!!!

Sad they can't understand differences between noses.

Sad that they are living somewhere where they are literally getting POKED on $4.00 gas! Hell, if you are stupid enough to pay for it, you are stupid enough to write this article. (Filled up for $2.09 yesterday).

Sad that they have to try to skew their mpg #'s to make it look worse. 20mpg's? We all know that's just a wee bit low for the Camaro. But hey, if it makes stupid look better!!, right?

To the three that wrote it...

I forgive your ignorance. Someone has pulled the wool over your eyes and brainwashed you into thinking that the Mustang is the all high and mighty powerful one. Yep...they stuck around...yep they sold a lot of cars...but where you are wrong?.....

The Mustang just can't compete with the General. three already knew this....which is why you are venting.

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