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So, after posting in another area of camaro5, I did some searching through TSB's
hoping to find ones that matched my problems. I found two matching TSB's and
a "Service Update" (not sure if this is the same as a TSB):

#09-01-37-001 - Gurgle Type Noise Coming from Instrument Panel
#09-08-49-011 - Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Needle(s) Stick Intermittently
#09207A - HVAC Reprogram

My question is this: What is a TSB used for? Are these things that must be addressed
if the car is brought in for service? Or are these simply instructions for fixing
problems that are verified at the service department?

Thanks for any info/advice,

p.s. The HVAC isn't a big problem, though I'd be comforted knowing it
was addressed.
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