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Originally Posted by RedJewel2SS View Post
if they cannot get your wheels to you, i would be demanding a refund and find a different brand.
If you search around the web, you'll find where Iconz has had this happen to them where a dispute is filed and dude STILL didn't get his money.

Originally Posted by JProberts View Post
I don't know if going through Nineball would have gotten you the wheels sooner since he still has to get them through ICONZ. I think the issue is that the sales person from ICONZ is not giving realistic delivery times.

Now if they begin to lie and tell you they have been shipped and they haven't that is completely different and I have not had that issue with ICONZ to this point.

I have also been told by members on this forum that ICONZ makes a very good product and that if "they were me" they would be patient and not try to cancel the order becasue the wheels themselves are worth it.

So tell me Nineball if someone wanted some ICONZ wheels through you, where would you get your delivery time from? Would you also go through one of there sales guys like Mitch or do you have some other arrangement? Just wondering, I've already placed my order so I'm just waiting.
Nine Ball already answered that question.

And there have been very few questions about Iconz quality. They seem to make a fine wheel. It's the ethics that I've experienced and heard about. Terrible.

Originally Posted by FrankT View Post
I too, am waiting for the refund on my deposit on the LS7 wheels. I'll give Mitch a few more days, then file a dispute with my CC company. I hope it doesn't come to this though.
Good luck. It's gonna be a while
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