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Originally Posted by Total_Perf_Eng View Post

We have video, datalogs, and pictures if anyone cares to see. This was on the stock KB tune. The a/f was between 11.5 and 11.6:1
That's what I wanted to see. Very nice.

I love how the hp line jumps from just below 350 rwhp to 470 rwhp between 3500 rpms and 4500 rpms. That's over 120 rwhp in 1000 rpms. And it's a great place for that kind of jump too, because when you're trying to conserve gas and drive mellow, you can stay below 3500 rpms with your shifting and then as soon as you just step on the throttle at tad harder, BAM! you're off.

Plus you have all that low end torque for tire roasting fun. haha. 500 ft/lbs at 2800 rpms, damn.
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