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Originally Posted by critteral View Post
It hurt like a SOB at first, but that was nothing compared to the pain from the pressure that built in the finger for days later.

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
By the way - I was going to congratulate you for not swearing, but then I got to the end of the video. (not that I could not have held it back myself)
The pain wasn't so bad as far as compairing it to being so stupid. lol

Originally Posted by little_bank_robber View Post
That video sounded horrid...I didn't laugh. I really was expecting the picture to look MUCH worse though! LOL
Brembos on these cars are a really tapered design. Or it could have been much worse. It actually looked worse AFTER they fixed it. haha

Originally Posted by brandotron View Post
hahaha, that thing split like a ripe tomato!
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