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Post #2 was reserved to recognize some special folks. I delayed posting this one until Becky got her car too, as we now have brother/sister cars, and have been tracking these together for a while now. But she's dragging her feet so I'll just post away.

Anyway, I really want to thank the guys at Oshawa who have been building this awesome car for over a year, and have taken the time to sign items for C5 members. It really means a lot to each and every one of us who are lucky enough to receive something. We proudly display these items along with our cars at shows and get many comments on how cool it is to actually have contact with the folks who build the cars. People just can't believe we have this type relationship with GM employees.

I finally got to meet a couple of these gentlemen, Mike Judge (Super60) and George Brans & wife (mrbrans5), in person at C5 fest and took the opportunity to take some pics with the Pace Car that Becky and I were anxiously waiting for.

Mr Judge followed both of our cars through the build process, selected the hood, trunk & door panels for my car and even installed my drivers side door. Then traveled to C5 fest and kept tabs on it as it was completed and gave me the VIN announcement on Saturday. Caravaned back to Oshawa and got my car safely tucked away on a train to Houston. While at C5 fest he presented me with a build sheet containing signatures and job function of the folks who worked on my car. I'll have it properly framed in due time...

A lot of us met up for the first time in person at C5 Fest as was the case for Mike Judge and Scott Settlemire. Both graciously signed my fuse cover.

Thanks again Mike, George and Scott... and Becky I'm about full of now so next week is yours... Link to Becky's car

Another special Thanks to Jerry Johnson (Fleet1) from Champion Chevrolet. Soon as I heard he was getting one I jumped at the chance and he made it happen. Jerry and other HTCC members set up the Houston lunch for the caravan to C5 fest and I cornered him in the parking lot to make triple sure the car was mine before I let the cat out of the bag in Georgia.

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