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Originally Posted by headpunter View Post
its a shame they are only making one of each of these cars (other then penske car)
yeah, but you could duplicate the LS7 and Black cars... and even the Dale, Jr. car, too, to some extent... but the LS7 and Black cars are almost all production parts that can be added somewhere down the line or painted/chromed to match the car... the Dale Jr. car is just too over the top to duplicate and who is going to spend the moeny it would take to get those rims? unless they offer them in the GMPP catalog (HINT HINT, GM!!)

the only real thing you would have trouble duplicating on the LS7 car is the wheels... which, IMO, should be the "polished" wheel option, anyway... because those are daaaaaaaaamn sexy.

but my favorite is the Sunoco/Penske car... God, I have a fetish for that paint job... lol
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