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These pictures are not playing with your eyes… Look at the sky in the back ground, there is not a cloud in the sky. It really is more red than orange. For the people who have ordered their Camaro in IOM without seeing it in person, they are going to be in for a real surprise when it shows up. This was my original order color until I was able to see it at Indy and again at my local dealer when they received a 09 Colorado in IOM. I walked around the IOM Colorado in every light imaginable. The only time it seems to be orange is under the dealer’s parking lot lights at night, other than that, it looks like a dull red in all other light. Some times it was hard to tell the difference between the IOM and the Victory Red Silverado parked next to it. People, listen to what Scott said and visit your dealer to see all the colors in person before making your final decision.

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