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Originally Posted by raymo1 View Post
The spohn parts are great we have used them on our road race car for years.I noticed in the photo you have not changed the rear bushing yet,they are a must if you are going to do much drag racing. rear bushings yet. Other than some drop springs this is the only other suspension upgrade. Lack of money makes me have to be very selective on what I can do. From my understanding the TAs are a big culprit for wheel hop and since they were'nt expensive and easy to install it was a no brainer.

So what are your recommendations on rear bushings? I might as well start my research to see how much money I need and what kind of install they would be.

Originally Posted by GQ4Life View Post
wonder why you wheel hop so bad. I only wheel hopped first launch cuz I spun too much.. every other one just got a lil wheel spin and went.. Though I did lower air pressure alot second time..

Either way let me know how well that part works.. I'll prob be spinning alot when Supercharger installed so might need that..
So they are solid no bushings?
Any noticable added virbration?
My trip to the track was a very last minute thing. Even then I wasn't going to race until a friend talked me into it and even paid the race fee. So....I wasn't prepared at all. I didn't do anything to my car. No lowering of air pressure and I was popping the clutch to hard. I'm going to practice that in a parking lot soon.

Take a look at the link about Del-Sphere that I posted and you'll see exactly how they work...but no....I don't think they are a solid bushing at all. They rotate which makes them a better product than just the solid mounted TAs with poly bushings.

So far I've felt no difference in driveability. No vibrations, stiffness, or noise. However....I haven't even had them on 24 hrs yet and there was so much dew in the air last night because it had rained earlier that I couldn't really test them out. Stay tuned to the thread as I'll be posting more along the way.
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