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Originally Posted by Moriartii View Post
Out of curiosity why did you not consider the Pfadt TA's? I see that BMR and Spohn were on the list but not Pfadt hence why I ask, as someone who is looking to do the same with my suspension I am curious about your thought process.

Install looks very nice!
Honestly I was initially recommended to look at BMR and Spohn. Phadt and LSR were never brought up. I had already been looking at BMR because I had seen a handfull of people using them but once I looked at Spohn and saw the Del-sphere I was immediately sold.

I just took a look at the Pfadt TAs and I'm will say that I would have still chosen the Spohn without a doubt. Not that there is anything wrong with BMR, Pfadt, or LSR.....I just think the way the Del-sphere joint works is going to be much better by for all around street and racing. It allows for rotation of the end, can be adjusted, and can be rebuilt if needed. None of the other products I saw could do anyting like it. That's just my opinion.....again I'm not knocking the other Mfgs and I'm not a suspension expert by any means. It just made since to me once I saw the way it works.

Now I will say that the Pfadt and LSR TAs should be a lot lighter. That's one negative about the Spohn is that it's heavier than the factory arm. Not by a ton but I'm sure probably 2lbs per arm. However, for my the other advantages seem to out wiegh the wieght disadvantage.

Look at all the products and make a decision based on what you think will work best for your situation. For me the Spohn TA is an awesome piece and I look forward to getting it out to the track to put it through some real world testing.
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