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Originally Posted by hotty toddy View Post
Not gonna lie to ya....that's one sweet moustache!
Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Yea I was thinkin........

Originally Posted by devildoc View Post
Mrray is actually an actor for the new series Indy 911

Okay y'all..I said to ignore my ugly mug, lol. At my department, the 'stache is all we are allowed to grow. And any reference to Reno 911 is, well,

Originally Posted by hotty toddy View Post mrray short for "Murray" or "Mr. Ray"? I've been wondering about that for a while.

Mr. Ray is what it stands for. Have no clue why I chose it, but it's been my screenname forever it seems, lol.

Okay, back to making fun of my 'stache, lol.
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