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YAY!!!!! And thank you again to GM and Scott and Cheryl and the whole Camaro team!!!

Originally Posted by ctk1 View Post
A fellow member was told by Cheryl that A Blue will be offered on the SS in mid November. Lets get this started again! WE WANT JETSTREAM!!!

"Cakes n Pies, Cakes n Pies!!!"

No offense, and I'll happily support your cause too...

But I want IBM.

I've been dreaming of a dark, almost navy blue Camaro with black stripes for YEARS now. Please Chevy let me have my dream car from the factory???

Ok, I'll stop begging now. We got A blue, that's good enough for me for the moment!
Did I mention I have a sense of humor?

Right now it's an '03 Nissan Frontier Supercharged Desert Runner I call Starscream.

On order is a 1SS/ RS IBM with Black Rally Stripes, Beige Interior, manual transmission and a sunroof! Oh, and a stereo upgrade too! Ordered from CamaroScotty in WI. How will I get my baby home?
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