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Originally Posted by OverAnxious View Post
Where have you been? Have you seen the new Buicks or the Pontiac G6 that is flying off showroom floors?

Not to mention the Solstice/Sky platform
I agree that the Buick has some nice designs, but you can't tell them apart. I can name the LaCross, but what is the name of the other one. All the grilles look the same. From the cars to the SUV's. No distinction. The G6 is a nice looking car and is selling well. The hard top convertible IS selling like hot cakes as is the Solstice/sky. They compared a Colbalt SS and a subaru W3( the pocket rocket) and the winner was the colbalt. But let's kick it up a notch in styling. Remember why Oldsmobile went bye bye? No distinction between the models. The new Chevy/ GMC trucks and SUV's are doing very well, and the interiors are getting great reviews. Great designs and upgraded materials win. Have you seen the new Lincoln Navigator? What a DOG. Ugly!!
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