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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Beauwulf is waiting on the BBK for some reason
More midrange torque (if the dyno work was good).... way less price. I'll be looking for the torque on corner exit. Top end is good for places like Daytona but, the tracks I'll be running at need good exit speed!

But, after seeing the photos, I'm not too sure about the right side collector.... The left side looks OK but that right side looks... abbreviated and the quick turn into the collector looks "funky".

It would also probably be better if the mounting plates were dye punched rather than hand made..... but, it takes one hellova press to do 1/4" stainless!

One reason I decided to wait for these is that they have a facility in my hometown. Local industry there is hurting so, I want to support their product.....

I do have pretty high standards and, from what I'm seeing so far, these are right on the line of being acceptable. They need to perform "as advertised" to stay on my list....
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