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Knight Rider light sunk behind grill for v6 owners. Video and pic. ++Fixed broken vid

As featured on CAMARO5 BLOG.

+++ Aug 12 2011 - Fixing broken vid links... Had this sucker in for a year and its still working like a champ. Love it.... best 25 bucks ever.

Ok first let me say the mail slot light has this hands down but.....this project turned out very well for the money I spent. I had the switches already and I had the wire and zip ties. All it cost was 25 bucks for this mod and I got to tell you the results were better than I expected.

I sunk it behind the grill and the amazing thing is that the light reflects off the squares in the grill and looks very very good.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Vid link.....

I parked the car on the street for the videos and every who walked by or drove gave me the thumbs up or said how cool that it looked.

Behind the grill shelters it from the rain and gives it a bit of protection. When you have it off the car looks stock and you don't know anything is there until you fire it.

I know this is not for everyone but I drank two beers watching it and I got to say it grows on you. If you don't have a mail slot and you want a light it can be done!

The picture below shows the light cycling to the left. It goes that far on the right also.

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