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Earnhardt Friday at Phoenix International Raceway:

IS THE NEW (SEMA) CAMARO GOING TO GO INTO PRODUCTION? ďYeah, Iím excited to get an opportunity to have one and I think itís a good looking car. It was a lot of fun to go over, it was sort of what we did with the truck when we were going to go into production with it so we can actually buy them but they didnít sell the truck which I was disappointed in. I was very happy with the ideas they had. I like the blue Camaro too. I was looking at that. Itís rather out of my price range but Iím very happy with how it turned out.Ē

HOW MUCH INFLUENCE DID YOU HAVE? ďA lot. I went to the design center and we sat down and went through probably 15 different ideas on just paint schemes, designs and then we went through colors and then we went into the interior and looked at the little ways we could kind of neaten up the interior and make it more unique. We had more limited options in what we could change in the drive train but we changed some stuff and made it pretty interesting.Ē
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