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Skuttducks "Cliffy" RJT 2LT

The story for me getting the camaro happened around last March 2009. My wife and I had to start thinking about getting a new car. My 2000 Camry is still in great condition, and I added the Navigation system, black halo headlights, and wound up getting a new front bumper since someone tore it off in Deluca's parking lot. This is where I first got my modding addiction.

My wife had been driving a 2007 Malibu, the lease was coming due in 2010.

The Malibu was stolen once right after she got it. She was carjacked at work. Nothing wrong with the car and only 10,000 miles on it. Still trying to find someone to take the lease.

Anyhow we had decided that I would buy a new car, and that I would get one of the new camaros. Red happens to be my favorite color, so we went with the red jewel tint coat due to the way it looked. In May I got to see the Camaro and test drive one. I did my research thanks to Camaro 5. I found this site merely by researching if GM employee price would count. My dad had worked for GM, and I felt I could finally use that discount for a great car.

When checking out the car for the first time at Shaheen Chevrolet in Lansing, my dad came along to give me another review. He was very impressed by the new Camaro, and said GM had come a long way.

Ordering during May my salesman told me it might not be until February until the car came in. Even though we still have the lease, I had budgeted for having the 3 cars. I then did the tracking threads, and found spastic squirrel.

At the time my car was a one of a kind order. Even now it is 1 of 11 with the options that I ordered.

I named my car "cliffy" after "cliffjumper" as I liked him better than bumblebee, and there was a red camaro toy from 2007. So it worked out.

The car arrived at the dealership September 17th, 2009. One day before my 34th birthday. The salesman had them leave the car outside that night so I could look it over.
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