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FS Bosten Acoustics speakers

I picked up a set of BA speakers off of Ebay with the intention of installing them on my car. But found out that the cable connectors are not even close to being the same as the cheap speakers in the Camaro. Go figure, so I just ran out of time and don't want to mess with taking my entire inside of my car appart to get them swapped out.

This is 8 of the 9 speakers that you'd get with the upgraded system. The front dash speaker is not included.

What you'll get are the rears, doors and the tweeters.

If intrested I'll sell them with in the lower 48 for $150.00 and FREE shipping.

If you're an Audio installer or someone that can install with no issues, this would be an inexpensive way to get a better sounding system in your car.

I'll post pictures tonight.

No rips, or other kinds of damage to the speaks, all in good working order.

Paypal payments are prefered, but if needed we can work out a deal.
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