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Originally Posted by stieger View Post
Not a problem Pete. Originally, back when things weren't that bad, I gave you my service number (71-816167637) and you forwarded me to some people. Which was a huge help don't get me wrong. I appreciate everything you and the other GM employees on the forum are doing to help us guys who are having problems. I had a customer service represenative contact me awhile ago, she scheduled a ride-along with a tech from one of the dealers I went to. Tech didn't notice any of the problems as "serious", and that my brake squeaking sound was from "water being boiled off of the rotors. Once all the waters gone it'll stop. I promise." That's verbatum by the way, that answer just didn't make any sense to me so I wrote it down. I'm happy to email you all of the notes I have from this whole process too at your request. Sorry, side note. Eventually my problems got escallated to the GM executive office department. They gave me a really nice package that gave me free maitance for a year, which I love and greatly appreciate. Downside to all that is that my rep there didn't help fix my problems, just told me to come back when they were more serious. In all honesty Pete, I don't want to cause trouble. I just want what is essentially a brand new SS not to have problems that my 98 wrangler would have. If I have to follow up on lemon law and get a lawyer then I will, I just don't want to things to come to that. Thanks again for all the help.
Ah, now I remember. Thanks for jogging my brain. There are some really good people at GM who are trying to make sure that every customer is as happy as possible. I am glad that they at least extended you a nice package. I will do some more checking and see if anything else can be done. Go ahead and send me your notes to my email and we will see what happens from there.


EDIT: Stieger, did you see this: I don't see anything in the TSB search, but you may want to PM the OP in that thread and see where the dealer got that info.
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