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The car with the full Kook's exhaust

The car on the dyno with just the exhaust and intake (it made 400 rwhp, 405 lbs of torque SAE... the STD numbers were like 420 or 425, I don't remember, because I didn't care about those numbers. lol)

The first start up with the heads/cam with stock tune

A regular idle clip of the heads and cam

I messed around with the idle tables and starved the motor for air to get a real choppy idle. I made it about a block down the road with this tune before I fouled the plugs. lol. When it stalled out, a clould of black smoke caught up to me, as if I were driving a diesel. You could not even stand behind the car while it was idling without having your eyes tear up

Bragging about a car that you paid someone to pick the parts and install them for you, is like paying someone to bang your wife, and then bragging about the kid.
"I'm sorry officer, no, I do not know why you pulled me over."
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