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actually just the cost of your maggie alone(correct me if i'm wrong, but it's roughly $7000, correct?) is more than my entire build, let alone everything else you have done (bogarts, headers, meth, etc). and by all means, if you claim your car performs better... well then I hope to see you at the GM nationals at carlisle, and you can back up that statement, as all the quirks will be sorted out this week and my nitrous tank will be full.

and actually if you go on the ls1tech list, there are two lists. one for da correction and one for without. After I get the car to run right after a few test n tunes in Pittsburgh, I will be taking it to a "fast track" for a glory pass.

edit: well jeez. A quick search and I saw your timeslip for your 10.9 run. Apparently it was on 27MAR2010 at 11:57 AM. According to the hourly weather data logged at your track, you had a lovely -1246 DA (compared to my 3500) with the great weather you were having that day. I wouldn't DA correct that either.
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