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The only reason I'm not on the new Camaro boat until the second year is due to colors.

My first choice was white with victory red stripes and victory red interior. Then, I learned that they aren't offering white in the first run. And then, I learned they are not offering the victory red interior anymore.

So, my second choice was orange with white stripes and white leather (like the interior in the 'vert concept). I was still willing to order an orange '10 car. However, I saw the orange being offered on my computer screen and I said, "That's it. I'm out. No new Camaro for me this time around."

This cutaway color, as it appears on my computer screen, is awesome. I'm very disappointed that I can't get white leather with it, but I think I still would have gone for it, but there's too much confusion. I just don't know how it will really look.

So, I'm waiting. GM lost me as a first-run buyer (not that they care) over colors, and all I'm really interested in is the LS3. But, if I can't have my first or second choice, I'm not paying premium for a new car.

Here's hoping I can get a white/red stripe/red OR white leather car or an orange/white stripe/white leather car in '11. As it stands with me now, those are the only color combos that I will order new. Those are good combos that I think they should offer.
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