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Originally Posted by SpeedFreak5 View Post
Awesome pics rtcat600man

The best estimate so far for installing my MRT Axle Back Exhaust is $150.00 here in West Palm Beach Florida. They wanted $190.00 and I told them it only should take 40 minutes. They said they have to go by the standard book which is two hours.

I know you told me you took your car to MRT to have them welded. Did you install them yourself? If so, did you just jack up one side, cut the exhaust with a hack saw, install the Resonator then do the other side? What kind of saw did you use?
Thanks for the compliments. I have been having a great time doing all of my mods. Next up is painting my calipers. I will post pictures and add it to this thread when completed.

As for the MRT install, yes I did the install myself. I made some homemade ramps, see photo, cut the exhaust off with a sawz all (which I bought just for this job, good excuse to finally get one of these tools.)

The driver side was a snap and installed in 5 minutes. However, the passenger side was a different story. The problem is that the two sides are not identical. So it was a little more work to get this side on. Once completed I knew I wanted them welded in place anyway. That is why I ended up going to MRT and have it done so that I could meet their team and discuss these issues with them.

Originally Posted by SpeedFreak5 View Post
Just received the Blue LED kit you recommended It's great! So far I installed the dome and trunk lights. They look awesome. Haven't done the foot wells or tail lights yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks again for the compliments. Do not hesitate to contact me with any other concerns, questions or ideas.
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