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Latest update on my Camaro...

1. Transmission pulled from car. (cat-back exhaust and drive shaft were removed so the tranny could be removed).
2. Torn down and inspected.
3. 2nd gear is shot. Said I was lucky it was still usable when I brought it in.
4. GM Regional Rep was in town this week doing audits and took a look at the transmission/parts.
5. Dealer can't order new replacement part because the part number for 2nd gear was not available in the system. (Sounds like someone accidentally deleted the part from the system on GM's side.)
6. Dealer located new transmission in stock in Houston.
7. GM Rep to find out if they can pull the needed part from the assembly line and have it shipped (could possibly take up to 30 days).
8. GM Rep to also investigate if dealer can just install new transmission that was located locally. Kind of a cost thing, really.
9. Hoping to have answer on direction (part or new transmission) within a day or two.

In the meantime, I get to drive around in a loaner 2010 Malibu. It is everything I didn't want in my next car when I bought the Camaro. It's screams "I don't care what I drive and want to blend in", it's quiet, it's practically gutless, it's light and airy inside, and it has 4 doors.

But it's full of win for GM though...well built, great MPGs (sweet spot is around 45 mph where average MPG can be maintained for miles between 43 and 48mpg.

I can't wait to get my Camaro back. At least Classic Chevrolet is taking care of me and keeping me up to date on the work.

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