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They won't be changing the dash in the Vette next year i don't think, because it's going to be all new in 2013 or 14.
I'm glad they are changing the Camaro's dash. Now i am just wondering about the styling. I hope they go much more modern. Whether it's just a straight forward dash of today like the Malibu and Equinox, or something more futuristic, i think either one will be an improvement. I don't have a problem with the steering wheel or even the radio/climate controls. It's the overall design. It's just like they were trying to recapture the first gen car, and that just doesn't make sense. Dash's probably date worse than exterior design. I've never heard someone nostalgic over old car dash's.
Oh and please put the 4 console gauges back where they belong--up where the driver can see them.
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