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Originally Posted by 2010 Bumblebee View Post

OK, I've been doing my reading about superchargers for my L99 camaro now for a while. I keep moving from the center the maggie to the left the edelbrock and to the right the Kenny Bell.

The maggie is the most popular and I hear nothing negative about the product. I like the look. The setup looks easy. The only thing is that shaft with the belt in the back are basically extra moving parts.

The Edelbrock is just starting out and I guess there were a few glitches along the way, but that's to be expected. The claim that the Edelbrock gets a little more low end power is interesting, but why is the internal psi climbing after 5000 RPMs like I saw on someone's dyno sheet? It seems like it's building pressure inside itself and not releasing it anywhere. At first I thought the thing was ugly but it grew on me and I changed my mind. It really looks like a well put together and complete kit. It also resembles the factory GM superchargers alot.

The Kenny Bell they say runs cooler. It makes sense to me if you use something that has a larger capacity it will work less at a lower capacity and make less heat. Less heat makes more power. Everyone say billet is stronger than cast so the KB has the advantage there, but remember even billet was cast into a block. This is all good, but the KB basically starts out at around 8PSI according to their web page. The problem with that is my research here on this thread tells me that 6PSI is the safe number for a stock L99 with no other mods. See the KB page for their specs;

I suppose that if I add long tube headers & larger exhaust pipes the boost might drop down to 6-7PSI. Does anyone know how much the Kenny Bell drops from 8PSI with the starter set of pulleys and long tube headers? But this was not my orignal intention. Remember that I wanted to just put a supercharge on a 100% bone stock L99 and still do.

So I've gone left, right, and center. Each one of these superchargers has it's pros and cons, but it seems the maggie still is the one in my mind that will work the best. The Edelbrock may work just as good as they perfect their product. Either the Maggie or the Edelbock would be great on a stock L99. The KB seems to me to be better if you want more than 6PSI of boost, put it on a higher output modified engine or a larger displacement like a 416 stroker or a LS7 because of the higher CFMs.
To answer your question that I put in bold, boost increases with RPM. The higher the RPM, the more boost. That's why if you drive your supercharged car around and do not press too hard on the gas pedal, you will not use very much boost, and you will not force very much air into your engine (relative to what the supercharger's capabilities are) and you will not drop your MPG very much. Again, that's relative from car to car.

Centrifugal superchargers make more boost at higher RPMs. It's pretty normal for a Vortech supercharger to make around 2-3 psi of boost at 2500 RPMs and then make 7.5 psi at 6000 RPMs.

You asked where the E-Force's boost is going as the RPM's climb? Well, apparently, it's going right to the rear wheels, which is a good thing.

I looked at an E-Force dyno sheet and the rwhp increased by 75 hp from 5000 RPMs to redline. So, the E-Force is making really good linear power as well as gobs of low end torque. Sounds like a good thing to me. And it's doing this with 6-8+ psi. I've seen someone's E-Force thread state that his boost got up to 9 psi. That seems on the high side, so I'm not sure about those numbers.

Remember, your L99 will not make as much power as the LS3's.

The Kenne Bell on my L99 with just a Corsa exhaust makes 470 rwhp at just under 8psi of peak boost, but average boost is around 7psi. That's what I'm told by my tuner, as I still have not seen my dyno sheets. APF's Kenne Bell L99 made 10 more hp with less than 8psi. Of course, our tunes are different.

If you want 6 psi on your completely stock L99, then you need to ask for a very large pulley. And then you will probably have issues with it rubbing on your hood. Remember, if you want max 6 psi, then that will be peak psi. And your car will be averaging like 4-5 psi, which isn't much at all. It will be safe but not very powerful for the money.

Hope this helps a little bit.
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