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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We MUST preserve a product lineup that includes many new products -- and you MUST invest the few dollars that you have on volume products that replenish the bank account.
I hope the head GM guys feel the same way, and act on this - soon! Hopefully GM will discontinue some of its SUV models, there are just too many, some that are nearly identical. For sake of example, say the Cruze would sell more than the Camaro vert. Then the Cruze should be put onto the market first, even if it means vert delays. Yeah I suppose it is easy for me, a coupe guy, to say that, but sometimes if you want your car you have to make sure the company that produces it will last that long. Again, just for example, if GM needs money to fund vert production, it could place the Cruze in front of it and use those profits to produce it.
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