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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
So, then, they agree somewhat with the critisisms of the quality of material and/or design of the current Camaro interior?
I would guess the answer to that is both yes and no.

In terms of quality (fit/finish/etc) it's not lacking by any standards. No cracks, squeaks, etc across the broad spectrum of cars sold.

Design? Maybe...some people don't like it, but others do. They're well aware of what we think of it (constantly reading and talking to people at shows/focus groups/etc..... I love it, personally, but I think it's going to age VERY fast...

Material gets terms of quality -- it's very good. It wasn't cheap, and iirc, it was new material...designed to last. But...we've come to believe that all plastic is cheap. So, manufacturers must adapt to that, and the fact that much of the Camaro's interior is plastic is....a problem.

What we do know is they are responding to input. And are changing it...apparently.
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