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To me its not such a long shot to think of so many changes coming for the 2012 model, i mean just look at Camaro heritage, the 67' was the first Camaro, then look 2 years ahead to the 69', pretty substantial differences.

As for the interior im pretty tired of all the whining, if GM can pull off "Audi quality" without increasing the price at all then more power too them, but if they're planning to bring the price along with their new standard then i vote nay. I like the interior as it is, its fun, good quality, very comfortable, and its affordable. What he said is close to exactly what ive been arguing against through the whole 5th gen run. We need LESS frills in muscle cars, this whole "muscle/luxury" thing is really wearing thin. People want their muscle cars at affordable prices but American companies are pushing the masses of customers away by adding a rediculous amount of luxury commodities that raise the price thousands of dollars and right out of the average buyer's price range.

I was pissed when i first saw a new Camaro going for $38k (respectivly with mark up), so what's this new "audi" interior going to bring? Camaros for the price of Corvettes and Corvettes for the price of Ferraris? Come on...our Muscle cars have always been about affordable performance for the masses, not just the super rich.
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