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Originally Posted by HDDAN View Post
This car is my "Gran Torino" like in the Clint Eastwood movie. I plan on keeping my 1SS forever. In this state with Obama's buddy, Deval Patrick as our governor, our 6.5% sales tax, our annual 2.5% excise tax, I feel taxed to death. I am sick and tired of providing freebies for the non producers, including our large population of Illegal Aliens. I will replace my 2001 Buick as needed and never drive my Camaro in the winter. You get severely punished in this liberal bastion for buying a new car. I am fed up with getting my f$%#ing pocket picked. If you buy new tires for your SS in Taxachusetts, you will pay $113.00 in sales tax. We can get away with buying our tires in New Hampshire, but not our cars.
Dude RI has 7% sales tax. Quit your bitching.
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