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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
VERY good are correct in that if a person doesn't agree with the government loan -- it does not necessarily mean they hate GM or Ford or Chrysler.

I should have been point - and you are correct -- I wasn't real clear - is that there ARE those that are spouting vile things about the big three -- no company is perfect and there IS lots of blame to go around.

The PROBLEM is that too many people see themselves as "experts" -- and they spout off with 'facts' that are, indeed, incorrect or completely taken out of context.

There are an incredible amount of people saying along the lines of "...GM hasn't changed, they won't change -- and it's only a matter of time."

People -- I am here in the flesh to tell you that GM HAS CHANGED.......there IS a plan to get thru this -- the amount of change in the past 4 years is staggering.........but understand that change is tough -- it's costly, and it's risky (among other things...) and I hate to say this one more time - but the playing field is not level.
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