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I do not plan to sell, trade my Camaro. Why I say that, My Camaro was born on my late Grandfathers birthday. I have gave up other GEN's for my new Camaro. It is admazing car. I do plan on showing it at what ever show there is, GM National's, Camaro 5 Fest. So on. My Camaro happened for a reason. My late GrandFather July 3rd, 1918, My Camaro July 3rd, 2009.
Has anyone had that happen to them? When your Camaro was built on a families birthday?

Originally Posted by ROBBDOGG1986 View Post
I have been asked lately if I plan on keeping my car for a long time or if I may let it go....Being as to alot of you may have had maybe a 1st-4th Gen in the past and also may have recently got rid of it and regret it now. Some of you are now trading or selling your 5th. Let me ask you guys the same question those who still have there's will you ever let it go for any reason?And for those who had.... a "camaro" Do you Regret the fact that you have let any Gen of yours go?

My answer.... I will never let mine go, it will have to be taken by force lol
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