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I agree about buying American, and I have done anything but over the last decade because of past issues and concerns, but this thread is somewhat off topic now.

I WANT to buy a camaro convertible, and I do want the new camaro BADLY, but it doesn't make financial sense to buy the coupe now, and then sell it when the convertible finally hits the streets. I was doing the financially responsible thing and saving and waiting, but since they are telling me this thing is on hold again... well.... so are my dollars.

So does this make sense for a buyer like me? I know the vert is a smaller market car, but I happen to be in one of those markets where vert's are EVERYWHERE... and now, it looks like my return to The Big 3 will have to wait... this news, while understandable, is still no less disappointing and disheartening to those of use who wanted the convertible version of the new camaro.
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