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Originally Posted by stevenm357 View Post
since the LS 7 is for the most part hand built, it might stick around a little longer? LS8.. or 9 maybe?
There's nothing that says The top Vette engine HAS to be hand-built, or HAS to be N/A, it's just sort of been a trend. Of everything I've read, the Super-Vette is supposed to get a supercharged LS3, which is strengthened (rods, crank, pistons, valves etc.) for High-power, high-speed use. Hence the Completely different engine RPO, LS9. So that engine could replace the LS7, and make it into the Z06. But who knows what GM has up there sleeves They hava knack for surprising us with things like this.

I wouldn't doubt that there will be an LS8, not becuase it follows "7", but because it's one of the few LS(single digits) that hasn't been used yet.
LS5, LS8, LS0....I don't think there will be an LS0, it doesn't sound right. So maybe they'll start using Letters, LSa,

Like I said, who knows? but I think we can look for the LS9(supercharged LS3) to replace the LS7.
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