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To all of my Brothers and Sisters in Arms

I would like to tell you to enjoy this holiday and remember those that we have lost and will not be able to enjoy this day. We do this in honor of YOU!!!

Friends that come to mind:
1. SFC Kelley Bolor--- I will never be able to hear Hawaiian music without thinking of you my friend and that tragic day.
2. SPC James Banks-- I joined the Army with my best friend only to lose him. I miss you brother!
3. CPT John Teal--- Funniest Platoon Leader I ever had.
4. SGT Heathe Graig--- No medic finer than one who gave the ultimate sacrifice for those under his care.
5. SGT Steven Mennemeyer--- Great Medic.... I'll check on Ginny as much as I can, she's gone through a lot with you gone.

I search the skies for your faces.
Like it's been said "I'll see you on the green one day my friends!"
To the families..."Hug 'em every chance you get!!!"
For those of you still with us......"Give 'em HELL!!!"
'Cause I know, I will!!!!
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When you turn on your RIDE, does it return the favor? I can say yes to all of them; S-10, Camaro, Avalanche, and Blackhawk!!!!
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